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Websites and things

These are a few of the websites that i`ve had a hand in creating.
Feel free to wander over and have a look.


LanWar is an interactive social game that is played during Lan parties. An interpretation of the game "street war", we had to come up to a solution to the problem of using water pistols around expensive electronics. LanWar was the result.

The Limes Guesthouse

The Limes site was designed to conform with the corporate identity already portayed in their brochure, maintaining consistant colour and layout themes throughout. This site is also W3C HTML 4.01 compliant.


Aquadition are a water treatment company that decided to get one step ahead of the competition. The site is designed to give across all the information that they required in a nice and easy to navigate way. The site has also been developed to meet W3C standards.


Pronouced "Own-age", it is gamer-slang for beating another player. This website is dedicated to my gaiming clan [CSH]. We arent very good, but its a laugh.
The page makes extensive use of the PHP dynamic HTML language and is based around a MySQL database.

C4 are a new local commercial cleaning company that employed me to provide a simple and professional corporate home page that followed their existing brand image.
This site makes use of dynamic HTML to provide some visual effects, and java-script to help prevent internet web spiders from harvesting email addresses.
The web site is also backed up by my bespoke content management system that gives C4 a user friendly interface to alter content as they require.

Lesly george asked me to produce a site where she could exhibit some of her works online, while also presenting some other information about her training programmes.
As with the C4 development above, this website is also backed by my bespoke content mangement system.